Artistry Hardwood Flooring


Artistry Hardwood Flooring has two options in our Unfinished Program.

Unfinished: all-natural 100% pure hardwood construction flooring with no stain or top coat. Select from fumed, carbonized or natural (no treatment) and add your own touch - customize the stain and top coat. Create a truly custom floor with our unfinished flooring products. The possibilities are endless!

Pre-treated Reactive Stain: 100% pure hardwood construction flooring with stain and no top coat. Reactive Stain makes the most beautiful colors on hardwood flooring. With our Pre-treated Reactive stain products, there's no need to worry about the unpredictable of staining. No drips or puddle marks and you'll know what each piece looks like before it's installed.

Collection Features
  • Planks available in Herringbone and Chevron patterns
  • Matching Stair Nose And Treads
  • Innovative SawnPly+ Technology offers unmatched appearance, construction, and stability


Pre-Treated Color

Width Size

Length Size